You Need "Strategies" Not Meal Plans

Tell Me And I Forget
Teach Me And I Remember
Involve Me And I Learn
                                                                                    Benjamin Franklin
At Healthy Way Every Day our vision and goal is to create workplaces where employees are healthy, fit and injury free.
We believe that involving your employees in the development and decision making process, when putting together your Wellness Program, will not only get them excited about taking control of their own health and fitness but they will become empowered to help others make lifestyle changes too. Click here to review our "turn key" Wellness Coordinator training opportunity which provides you with a LOW COST & FIXED COST solution to wellness.  



At Healthy Way Every Day, we think differently about health and wellness and we believe that you should always be reviewing and challenging your own opinions relating to nutrition and lifestyle choices.

The way we help you do this is by providing cutting edge educational awareness workshops that not only introduces us to your organization, but it will provide you with a wealth of strategies and education to create optimal work life balance on every possible level.
Personally. Professionally. Socially.


Our vision, is for every employer and business owner to be surrounded by a healthy, happy, safe, productive and profitable workforce.

The way we achieve this and generate a complete understanding of the need for our assessments and testing services is by providing education, ongoing support and clarity of the "why".
The outcome is informed employees who are aware of their currrent, and the state of their potential future health status.


Our long term goal for the physical and financial health of your organization is for your workforce to take control of their own health and fitness levels and to stay committed to their wellness program.

We achieve this by building a relationship of trust, developing workable on-site & off-site strategies and offering continued in-house and online support.

Your action plan will be custom designed and we will provide continued support so that your program evolves with you.
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About Our Experts

Karen & Richard are at the top of their profession, they are wellness game changers and will get your employees and your organization in the best physical and financial shape ever!

Both are driven by their own personal experiences and they have spent the last decade becoming the wellness experts that others aspire to be.

Highly regarded and respected in the health and fitness industry, they are known as "the go to" couple when it comes to wellness and their reputation sees local, national and global corporations seeking out their expertise and knowledge.



You don't need a meal plan! You need nutrition and lifestyle "strategies" that you can seamlessly incorporate into your personal and professional lives.



A physically demanding job is not to be confused with exercise, and movement encompasses so much more than simply going to the gym.

Poor nutritional balance alone correlates to an 8% reduction in productivity, and people with bad diets are absent 15% more than those with good diets. 

Health & Performance Research Study by Vielife, Harvard Medical School & Institute for Health & Productivity Management.