It is really refreshing to see schools and teachers actively engaging their students in activities that promote health for life.

I have facilitated many fitness initiatives including a 12-week Drums Alive Academic Beats program for a group of grade 3-4 special education needs children and their engagement was amazing and their social skills developed beyond what we expected and so the program was a huge success.

Over the last few years we have provided group fitness boot camps for multiple grades and age ranges and recently we were asked to facilitate a lunchtime boot camp for grades 6-9 for a local Winnipeg school and we loved how at the end of only one lap of the circuit the participants said they were exhausted.

It was for the same school that we also hosted a "Healthy Breakfast Cooking Demo" and I was humbled by their respect and enthusiasm and the quality of their cooking skills as they excelled with every dish I asked them to prepare and cook.  What was even better was the follow-up feedback that I received.

    • "I was delighted with everything you did for us. Without trying to go too over the top - you did what teachers want and were the perfect guest teacher. I have had at least 2 kids ask when we will do it again and a whole new bunch of kids who 'didn't know it was happening' and want to be a part of the next one."

This is me getting ready and everyone commented on how excited I looked, and I was, because if I can help to educate on healthy eating and instill a few healthy lifestyle habits into young children, then I am always smiling.  Having the opportunity to help them develop lifelong sustainable nutrition habits will help them to develop into healthy and productive adults.

If you are a teacher, work with children or even head a school PAC then do connect with us.

We also run onsite office cooking demos where you can choose from our menu's of snacks, breakfast ideas, easy lunches on the go, desserts and more and if you want to book us for one of our summer cooking demo workshops email us now as spaces are filling up fast as people get ready for more healthy eating during the summer months...................

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