We are using the 2019 new year networking event as a way for everyone to introduce themselves to each other.

    • Our meetings are only for small to medium sized original businesses and exclude MLM and Network Marketing companies because we are looking to share stories and conversations with those who have built a business from the ground up with a genuine idea and passion.
    • We want everyone to share not only their expertise and products/services but to also share their struggles as well as their successes because we want the group to help other members who might be having challenges of their own.
    • As a small business owner, it is important to support each other and to share your stories because you may be able to help another member out of a jam.

Our plan is to be casual but professional and our first meeting will be a breakfast meeting.  Price is $49.97 and will include the cost of your breakfast so come and fill your belly, fill your life with valuable connections and fill your wallet with business cards. 

Contact me for more information and our first meeting is tentatively scheduled for mid January 2019 at the Canad Inns on Regent Avenue and so find a space in your diary and feel free to share our plans and group details with other business owners you know in Winnipeg.




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