Karen's father was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes when she was still a very small child, and this condition developed into glaucoma which saw her father's eyesight begin to deteriorate over time and he required special glasses, which resembled mini binoculars, for driving, reading and watching the TV. 
Her father ran a very successful trucking company from their farm, but his health issues saw him having to dissolve the business as Karen and her brother were too young at the time to continue running the company and her father semi-retired to a smaller farm in a neighbouring county in the UK.
Not long after Karen graduated from University, her father was diagnosed with Colorectal Cancer, and, at the time of the diagnosis, it was already at stage 4 and he had to undergo a full colostomy.  He took this in his stride and for a couple of years, his health appeared to have stabilized.  But cancer returned, and her father developed a tumour the size of a golf ball on the base of his skull, and not many weeks after Karen's 24th birthday, her father passed away, he had by this point lost his eyesight completely and suffered a stroke which left him not even knowing who Karen was any more.
Karen, her mom, and her brother were obviously devastated and Karen's world was turned upside down even more so when shortly after her father's funeral. her mother confessed that colorectal cancer was what took the life of her grandfather and uncle too. 
The 12 months following her father's death saw her riding an out of control emotional roller coaster, spending most of her time taking care of her mother, but not spending time taking care of herself or finding the time to grieve.  Karen would experience bouts of sadness at losing her father when she was still so young, also suffering bouts of anger at "why did he not tell me and my mom sooner, maybe we could have saved him" to including bouts of frustration that she wasn't aware that the disease had taken 3 family members and being scared that she or her brother might be next.
When Karen formed her nutrition company, she made a point of taking the holistic route and researching as much about cancer nutrition as possible, she was a sponsor and eventual co-chair (2008-2013) of the Winnipeg colorectal cancer charity, she even organized a charity "painted butt" calendar in 2011. Karen and her husband Richard were featured in the months of February, July and December, and she had complete strangers come forward volunteering to be on the calendar.
Her devotion to the charity, her own personal story, and her passion to help cancer survivors saw her being invited to Toronto by the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada in 2011 to be trained as one of their Cancer Coaches. Although at the 4-day conference she gained a wealth of knowledge and understanding on the medical and drug treatment side of the disease, she was invited to become one of their coaches because of her extensive knowledge in nutrition.  Since the course, she has expanded her expertise in oncology nutrition and psychosocial health risks and uses her certification and expanded knowledge to help not only cancer patients manage the process, but to help family, friends and work colleagues to understand not only the patient's diagnosis but how to understand their own emotions of the process too.
See photos from the 4-day conference here
Karen's dedication to cancer therapy and dedicating a large percentage of her time to rebuilding health and generating cancer awareness, also saw her being nominated for Woman Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011 and she took home the Contribution To The Community Award as a result.
Karen has been referred to by her clients "as the most empathetic coach I know" and feels that her own personal story has helped her to hone these skills to benefit her clients as best as she can.
So if you have an employee who has recently been diagnosed with cancer and want to discuss options that might include one-on-one therapy consultations with your employee or a workshop that helps work colleagues to understand the process, then book a complimentary consultation NOW!
Understanding & Living Beyond Cancer
Karen became a Certified Cancer Coach in 2011 with Colorectal Cancer Canada (previously the Colorectal Cancer Association Of Canada) and she can work one-on-one with employees and individuals who are managing the emotional and physical effects of a cancer diagnosis, treatment and preparing for returning to work.
Coaching services provided can include but are not limited to :
     Emotionally dealing with the diagnosis of cancer.
     Nutritional strategies to support medical treatment, drugs, and rehabilitation.
     How to find a balance between family and work colleagues.
     Strategies to help manage the emotional and physical roller coaster.
     Preparing to return to work.
     Rebuilding nutritional and physical health from the inside.
In addition to one-on-one coaching and support, Karen presents a support workshop that helps employees to support their diagnosed work colleague during the initial diagnosis phase and when they return to work.
This is an emotional time not only for the person diagnosed but for those around the patient, as work colleagues often feel helpless and not sure about what to do or say.
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