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Karen & Richard really do practice what they preach and lead very active and social lives.


Karen & Richard have been together (dating and married) for a total of 32 years. They are often asked how they manage to keep their marriage happy and work together professionally; listening to the usual jokes of how difficult it must be when you work with your spouse.  But if you met them, you would understand how they make it work and how unique both their personal and professional relationship is.  And to see them both "perform" in a professional setting is a joy, as they bounce off of each other so well and their English humour has a way of making nutrition, fitness and wellness, so much fun.

Born and raised in England, in 2004, they sold their house, car and two motorbikes, packed up their remaining belongings, and their 4 cats, and moved to Winnipeg. Within 3 months they had bought a 5-acre lot in the RM of Springfield, began building their own home, working full time in mainstream jobs as they studied and re-certified to build what is now their very successful joint business venture.
Karen & Richard live and breathe health and fitness, and love the outdoor opportunities that Manitoba has to offer them. Richard completed the Alcatraz Triathlon in San Francisco in 2008 and has competed in many triathlons both here and in the UK.
They both love to travel and even when on vacation, they make time to fit in as many outdoor activities as they can and love to add excitement into their trips when possible. When they were still living in the UK, they made a couple of trips to see relatives in Australia, the first time they went to Perth, they both did a tandem 12,000 feet parachute jump and on their second trip, they decided to complete a 175 feet bungee jump.  And although Karen is not a confident swimmer, she booked a surprise trip for Richard to Scotland where they went canyoning, which involved abseiling down waterfalls and jumping off steep rocks into cold water pools; with the instructor saying he could dine out for years on Karen's impression of a seal as she hit the freezing water.
Both of them have completed the UK London Marathon, Karen was an entrant in the year 2000 and Richard completed the race in 1998. A truly amazing opportunity but neither of them is in a hurry to train for another 26.2-mile race but they did enjoy the experience that it offered.
Both of them go camping every year and love the solitude that Beresford Lake offers in the Nopaming Park in Manitoba, where they are able to go completely off the radar for 10 days as the location offers no access to cell phones, landline phones or the internet, and is a perfect way for this busy couple to unwind and re-charge. But they have also taken advantage of many of the other camping locations that Manitoba has to offer too.  
Both Karen and Richard are driven by their personal experiences and their passion for health and fitness.
Working with them both, you too will see that their unique partnership and their professional expertise will drive you to reach your health goals too.
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