Why You Need Our Workplace Wellness Coaching Training Course

At Healthy Way Every Day we believe that every employer should have access to affordable wellness opportunities.
And as a savvy business owner, you understand the need for providing wellness programming in your organization as strong healthy employees are more productive, they improve your bottom line and your health insurance costs reduce because their is less sickness and a reduction in accidents.
As industry leaders in corporate wellness, we can provide onsite wellness programming, workshops, presentations, surveys, lifestyle counseling, fitness assessment testing and biometric health screening, to name just a few of our services, and, we get phenomenal results for our clients. But every service comes with an attached fee.
And although you understand the need to invest financially in wellness programming, your budget might not extend to cover all of the services you want, and, because of this, we have seen employers forfeit providing any wellness initiatives at all or try to run programming themselves and then run into problems. But we don't want you to forfeit your wellness initiatives or struggle and not get the results you are looking for.
So our team of experts created the "Workplace Wellness Coach" Training Course just for you.
But how does this help you?
  • Well you get a LOW FIXED COST turnkey training program.
  • Every company has at least one "wellness champion" who is passionate about bringing wellness solutions into the workplace so use this to your advantage and register that key team member onto our course.
  • As a Workplace Wellness Coach they become certified to create, develop and run custom designed wellness programs onsite.
  • You reduce income spent on external wellness providers and reduce your healthcare spending costs at the same time.
  • If you haven;t already checked out the Workplace Wellness Coach page, click this link to get a complete breakdonw of what is included and the benefits that you and your organization will be able to take advantage of.