Understanding & Living Beyond Cancer

  • Karen is a Certified Cancer Coach and she can work one-on-one with employees who are managing the emotional and physical effects of a cancer diagnosis, treatment and preparing for returning to work.
  • Karen was once described by her clients "as being the most empathetic coach I know" and she uses her empathy not only to support the patient but to guide and provide strategies on how employees can support their work colleague during the process.


  • Her Cancer Coach journey began in 2011 when she was invited to Toronto by Colorectal Cancer Canada to attend their intensive 4-day conference, after which she became a Certified Cancer Coach.
  • Colorectal Cancer Canada launched a nation-wide support initiative providing vital psychosocial support and information to colorectal cancer patients.

  • The program’s objective is to help colorectal cancer patients better cope with their disease and regain a sense of control.

  • The Cancer Coaches, located across Canada, received special training in the medical and surgical treatment of colorectal cancer, psychosocial coping, communication, emotional support and navigating the healthcare system.

  • All Cancer Coaches are sensitive to cultural diversity, adhere to strict confidentiality, and provide support without judgment.

  • The program is led by CCC Support Director and researcher Dr. Mary Jane Esplen, N, PhD.


    • In addition to one-on-one coaching and support, Karen presents a workshop that helps employees to support their diagnosed work colleague during the initial diagnosis phase and when they return to work.
    • This is an emotional time not only for the person diagnosed but for those around the patient, as work colleagues often feel helpless and not sure about what to do or say.

Click here to see more information about Karen's role as a Certified Cancer Coach and details of how she is the first coach you should talk to when dealing with your own or a work colleagues diagnosis.
2011 Cancer Coach Conference 4
Check out the full photo slideshow from the 4-day training conference


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