Our industry specific workshops will equip your graduates with lifestyle skills that will help to improve their performance.

Colleges, universities and independent training facilities are an amazing resource available to students and employees. Maybe you want to start on your educational journey, improve your current skills, or need some additional training for your job.

  • Worldwide it is possible to train for almost anything, with knowledgeable and skilled trainers and lecturers in all topics.
  • These professionals guide you through the curriculum, share their experience and help you to graduate with the relevant knowledge to go into your chosen profession and/or climb up the corporate ladder in your current job.
  • With all of this knowledge, and that certificate in your hand, yes, you do possess all of the information necessary to perform your job, BUT, you are missing one vital component to performing optimally on the job.  
  • No one has actually provided any education on how to match your lifestyle and nutrition choices to your chosen profession.
  • So why is this important?


EVERY profession has different physical and emotional demands and your nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices (on and off the job) will either positively or negatively impact your performance and ultimately your safety. 


  • The dietary choices of a sedentary office worker would be extremely different to the nutrition choices of a construction worker.
  • Did you know that poor quality fats and high sugar content in the diet can present as joint pain so sitting all day might not be the complete reason your sedentary work is giving you back ache and knee pain issues.
  • A shiftworker would not be able to follow a 3 meals a day and 2 snack regimen and eat at specified times of the day and they need strategies that give them physical and emotional energy when the body should be sleeping but the job demands they are at work.
  • A salad at lunchtime would not cut it for a physically demanding and labour intensive job and high carbohydrate meals may be perceived as the right choice for energy in a physically demanding profession but those meals also make you sleepy and reduce concentration levels.


  • But there a few things that all professions do have in common. And that is nutrition choices should provide sufficient energy to perform your chosen profession; those choices should not lead to excess weight or disease; you need fuel the body for optimal cognitive function; and it must be sustainable.
  • And when we say sustainable, it really does have to fit in with your personal, social and family commitments.

So call us to discuss how we can elevate your curriculum and you will be seen as the training facility of choice.