Steps to creating an emotionally and physically healthy workforce

Step 2

    • Nutrition Intake Forms are emailed to the Wellness Coordinator who will then forward to each participating member of staff.
    • Our contact information is on the forms and your employees will print off the intake forms, complete and email directly back to us.
    • This guarantees your employees of complete confidentiality and assures them that you or any third party will "not" see the personal information submitted.
    • All completed forms must be returned to us no less than 10 days prior to the first scheduled employee session so that we can review, analyze and compose strategies as needed, for discussion.
    • If we have additional questions relating to information on the intake forms, we will coordinate directly with the employee(s) before meeting with them.

Step 3

    • A video link of the fit test, along with supporting explanatory instructions, will be emailed directly to each of the participating employees for their review.
    • This allows each employee to familiarize themselves with the format involved and allows them the opportunity to inform us, before the test, of any musculoskeletal, injury and pain issues that they may require us to modify the fit test.
    • It also gives the employees the opportunity to ask for clarification on any concerns they may have.
    • The supporting documentation will also include instructions on what to wear for the fit test, and what to and what not to eat and/or drink prior to the test.
    • Once we are happy that there are minimal revisions or considerations to address regarding the fit test, we will ask your Wellness Coordinator to schedule each employee for their first session with us.
    • We ask that multiple sessions are booked in half and full day blocks, allowing 45 minutes for each session with a 15-minute break in between each employee appointment.  
    • This ensures minimal disruption to your operations and allows us to be extremely efficient with ours and your time.

Step 4

    • We bring our fit test equipment to your facility, meet with each employee at the designated time, have them perform the fit test and then present our nutritional and lifestyle strategies to them, and allow each employee to clarify details and also to ask us additional questions as needed.
    • In addition to the fit test, we will, as needed, perform additional health screening tests that will include, but are not limited to, bio impedance testing, body fat and BMI calculations, WHR calculations, blood sugar and blood pressure testing.
    • We are also certified with Eudamonia Labs to perform and administer food allergy testing and other health marker tests and can organize if deemed essential.
    • The test kits and posting is free, and can be performed at home via dry blood sampling, but each test does incur a lab fee set by Eudamonia Labs, and with the employees permission, we can advise you of whether any of these tests are required and you can make the decision as to whether or not you wish to reimburse your employee for any out of pocket costs. Maybe you have a Health Spending Account or similar benefit available to your employees, which we can discuss.

Step 5

    • Within 5 days of that first meeting, results of the fit test are emailed directly to each employee highlighting any concerns as needed.
    • It may be necessary to refer an employee to an external medical/therapeutic/alternative practitioner and have our own trusted local professionals that we can provide contact information for.
    • Included with the fit test results and referrals (if needed) a complete nutritional analysis and lifestyle strategy report will be emailed to each employee too.
    • Fitness, Nutrition, and Lifestyle recommendations are confidential and individual to each employee, and to support their 6 week journey, they will have access to a private member login area on our website, where they can access multiple documents and resources that will help them on their journey.
    • Each employee will also have email access to us for the duration of the 6 weeks, for additional support, coaching and to ask additional questions as needed.

Step 6

    • After we have collated all of the information relating to results of the fit test and the nutritional intake forms, you will be provided with statistical data in percentages and graph form that provides you with an overview of those results.
    • This could include how many of the staff are in a healthy range of body fat, weight, BMI, what percentage are using prescription drugs, fit test results etc. and an example can be downloaded here for you to review.
    • This download is an example of one of our Concierge 42 Plan clients but gives you an idea of some of the information that can support why your investment in your employee's wellness program is necessary.
    • It also allows you to address aspects such as do your current health care costs correlate to our findings and we help you to formulate a strategy to minimize these overheads.

Step 7

    • We ask your Wellness Coordinator to schedule a 45 minute follow up session with each employee, where we perform the fit test a second time.
    • This session also allows us to answer and discuss any lifestyle questions which have not been addressed via email correspondence during the 6 week program.
    • Results of the second fit test are emailed directly to each employee, with additional lifestyle recommendations as needed.

Step 8

    • Employee progress is collated and we format comparison statistical data via percentages and graphs and bring the information to you, for discussion, with our recommendations for moving forward.

Step 9

    • Client confidentiality is a priority to us, as this is the only way to guarantee adherence and commitment, but if we feel that a member(s) of staff shows signs that there could be future potential health problems to consider, with the employees written permission, we will discuss this further with you and them, on a course of action that could involve more in depth private one-on-one consultations.

Step 10

  • Further, follow up fit tests can be arranged at 6 week intervals, and this option has been very popular, especially where employees are working in a high-risk industry, or are employed to physically demanding jobs or where shift work is a regular occurrence.  
  • This is an add on option that can be discussed on completion of the 6 week program.
  • Again, it might not be that every employee needs to re-test, but we can advise as needed if we feel that any of your employees are at a higher risk and need additional monitoring
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