Our Concierge 42 Plan is a 6-week program and it really is the "concierge" whole body approach.
Please take time to review our 10 step process and sample statistical report (the latter is fully customized to your specific organization and will include statistics based on our findings and/or areas of concern).
Follow up assessments can be performed at 6 weekly intervals, plus our sessions can also offer coaching and counseling for at-risk employees such as those who have already been diagnosed with a medical condition, those working through mental health and mental well-being issues and those who we consider being at a specific health risk and who require more one-on-one support.
Step 1
  • We host our 1 hour "What Is Wellness" presentation at your facility and to the employees you have chosen to participate in our 6-week program.
  • This presentation will be customized to your organization and industry as needed.
  • You will appoint a member of your staff to be our designated point of contact, who will then coordinate directly with us regarding employee scheduling and issuing of relevant information and documents. This designated member of your team will be our Wellness Coordinator.
Steps 2-10 click here.
Concierge 42 Plan (6 Week Healthy Lifestyle Program)
Fees per employee start at $399
Fit Test comprising Strength, Cardio, Core and Flexibility Testing
Bioimpedance testing, BMI, body fat analysis, WHR, weight, referral for blood pressure, blood sugar and other testing as deemed necessary.
Fit Test health report and activity strategies to improve professional performance and productivity.
Fitness strategies to address health and safety issues, hazardous work conditions and shift work.
Nutritional consultation, lifestyle analysis and customized wellness strategies to boost cognitive function and overall health.
6 weeks of online coaching, support and revisions to nutrition and fitness strategies as required.
Access To Private Members Only Web Portal With Health, Nutrition & Fitness Resources For Review & Download.
Follow up fitness test with improvements report and recommendations for continued progress.
Employee progress and health status report.
Client confidentiality guaranteed.
Employer numerical and graph statistical reports providing current health status highlighting any areas of concern with proposed strategies.
Progress and improvements report highlighting if additional testing or services are required.
Discuss strategies for continued programming and/or access to virtual wellness coordinator web portal.
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