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Cost : $998

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Presenters  Karen Insley & Richard Insley

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 * If registering more than one employee from the same company, pay only $599 for each additional employee registered. 


  • Companies worldwide are taking the necessary steps to improve the physical and financial health of their company and are continually looking at ways to improve employee health, increase productivity, reduce healthcare spending, minimize accidents and injuries and decrease absenteeism and presenteeism figures.
  • With this in mind, there is a greater need for qualified wellness professionals who can implement solid strategies and encourage improved habits that support sustainable wellness behaviours.
  • Although there is a multitude of credible information to us nowadays when it comes to health and wellness, it is not a lack of information that is the problem, but it is a lack of support that is a problem.
  • And although having great content available is key, having information alone is not enough to support sustainable behaviour change.

Course Description

  • Our comprehensive and interactive 11 module curriculum, in addition to access to a private members-only online wellness portal, will give participants the foundation and necessary support to design, develop, measure, track and evaluate multiple wellness initiatives including becoming an informed coach who can support behaviour change and develop a culture of wellness.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe your role and responsibilities as a Workplace (Mental Health) Wellness Coach.
  • Establish your position as a wellness game changer.
  • Evaluate the current health status of your organization and develop statistical reporting to reflect the data. 
  • Identify the strategies needed to align your organization's wellness programs with the trends in your industry and the changing needs of the employees.
    Possess a complete understanding of the financial and physical impact of chronic disease on your organization's operations and the health of the employees. 
  • Develop strategies to address stress, depression, the mental health and mental well-being of the employees. 
  • Use Psychosocial Risk Management wellness tools as a means to enhance traditional health and safety training programs, thus reducing accidents, injuries and long-term disability issues
  • Respond to emerging and developing trends in wellness and use strategies to remain current and effective. 
  • Communicate and generate cooperation and commitment from work colleagues and leaders in your organization. 
  • Navigate the demands of different cultures and ages as they relate to your industry.


Listen to our introduction audio. 

The Workplace (Mental Health) Wellness Coach Course

workplace mental health wellness coach course 


What Is Included In The Course

A 9 hour fully interactive workshop led by award-winning industry experts

   Printed manual and instructional guides.

   11 practical hands-on modules with break out sessions and case studies.

Private Members Only Online Wellness Portal

   One-On-One support from our team of experts.

   Assessment sheets, templates and documents to download and customize with your own logo.

   FREE powerpoints and webinars to download, keep and use.

   Monthly newsletters and mental health and wellness publications.

   FREE access to audio, videos and podcasts.

   FREE quarterly webinars.

   Continuing education and support.

   Social networking and online communities.


Private Members Only Online Wellness Portal

What is included in the private members-only online wellness portal?

Year round support as needed from our team of award-winning industry experts.

Course manual and instruction guide which is used during the 9-hour interactive workshop.

Case studies to review during the workshop and to use as templates, guides and references to develop your own programs.

FREE monthly and/or quarterly webinars and powerpoint presentations to keep and use.

Confidential data collection and reporting services as needed. 

Templates and forms to customize and use (includes but not limited to)

   Wellness auditing sheets, health risk appraisals, behaviours checklist

   Conflict resolution and civility checklists.

   Meal planning guides, healthy eating plans, food mood journal

   Sample fitness assessment sheets, exercise routines, mobility workouts, ergonomic sheets

   Flyers, newsletters and promotional literature and samples.

Up to 50% discount on the cost of our onsite presentations and webinars.


How do I continue to have access to the private members-only online wellness portal after the first year?

Your first years membership is included in your initial $998 registration fee, but as our content, resources and webinars are updated monthly and quarterly, if you wish to still have access to all of our current content, have access on demand to our team of industry experts, as well as qualify for our awesome discounts on our presentations, then we recommend that you renew your membership for another 12 months.

The cost of 12 months membership is only $399 and will give you continued access to all of the resources.

Our presentations and webinars start at $300 and upwards and your membership can qualify you for up to a 50% discount on some of our onsite workshops and by adding that to the regularly updated resources and awesome content, why wouldn't you continue to get this amazing support and opportunities?

If, however, you do not wish to renew your membership, simply advise us of this via email, no later than 4 weeks before your membership expiry date, and we will cancel your membership and cancel your access to the private members only wellness portal.

I am taking the course so that I can start up my own turn-key business so is there anything else I need to know?

Not really except that your private members-only online wellness portal with have additional access to resources supporting how to set up and run your business as well as how to generate leads and put proposals together.

You will still pay the initial fee of $998 and should you wish to renew your membership at the end of the 12 months, you will be charged the annual fee of $399 only.




Our Unique Expertise
    Holistic Nutrition
    Oncology Nutrition
    Psychosocial Health & Safety
    Psychosocial Risk Management
    Civility & Behavioural Analysis & Cost Strategies
    Mental Health & Well-Being
    Certified Cancer Coaching
    Functional Movement Screening
    Motivational Interviewing & CBT
    MSD's, MSI's, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
    Stress Management & The Physiological Effects On The Body
    Fatigue, Sleep Deprivation & Shiftwork


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  • In April 2018, Benefits Canada reported that employers in 2017 have increased how much they are investing in their employee's training and professional development.
  • 51% of employers surveyed said that they are spending more than $1,000 per employee each year on average for training and 30% of employers are spending between $500 and $1,000 per employee.
    • Respectively this compared to 46% and 24% in 2016.
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