You Need "Strategies" Not Meal Plans

Tell Me And I Forget.
Teach Me And I Remember.
Involve Me And I Learn.
                                                                                    Benjamin Franklin
At Healthy Way Every Day we believe that employee "involvement" is key to your program being successful, and with this in mind, we created our own unique 3 E's of wellness coaching.
Engagement - Excitement - Empowerment.
We get your staff involved and ask for their contribution, this gets them engaged from the onset, they actually become excited about taking control of their own health and we leave them empowered and wanting to make sustainable change.
Individuals know they need to make better and more healthy food choices, but when presented with a plate of cookies and a plate of fruit, unconscious habits often result in people choosing from the cookie plate, even when they know the other plate is better for them. So "involving" your employees on "why" they need to choose from the fruit plate, and giving them the education behind that why, will allow them to learn and adopt new and more sustainable healthier habits.



When it comes to Wellness, at Healthy Way Every Day, we think differently.
We believe that our opinions about nutrition and our interpretation of what healthy really means, should be regularly inspected, challenged and continually reviewed.

The way we do this is by keeping our knowledge current, providing information that is easy to understand and developing strategies that are simple to implement.

And we just happen to have programs that create optimal work life balance on every level. Personally. Professionally. Socially.


Our vision, is for every employer and business owner to be surrounded by a healthy, happy, safe, productive and profitable workforce.

The way to achieve this is to have a toolkit and resources available to you that can not only track and monitor current workforce health status but to have testing options custom designed that allow you to highlight potential future health risks too.

Choose from multiple Health Risk Assessments & Testing services that are industry and company specific.


Our long term goal for the physical and financial health of your organization is for your workforce to take control of their own health and fitness levels and to stay committed to their wellness program.

We achieve this by building a relationship of trust, developing workable on-site & off-site strategies and offering continued in-house and online support.

Providing action plans which keep employees engaged, excited about their health and leaving them motivated and wanting to make continued positive lifestyle changes.
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About Our Experts

Karen & Richard are at the top of their profession, they are wellness game changers and will get your employees and your organization in the best physical and financial shape ever!

Both are driven by their own personal experiences and they have spent the last decade becoming the wellness experts that others aspire to be.

Highly regarded and respected in the health and fitness industry, they are known as "the go to" couple when it comes to wellness and their reputation sees local, national and global corporations seeking out their expertise and knowledge.



You don't need a meal plan! You need nutrition and lifestyle "strategies" that you can seamlessly incorporate into your personal and professional lives.



A physically demanding job is not to be confused with exercise, and movement encompasses so much more than simply going to the gym.

Poor nutritional balance alone correlates to an 8% reduction in productivity, and people with bad diets are absent 15% more than those with good diets. 

Health & Performance Research Study by Vielife, Harvard Medical School & Institute for Health & Productivity Management.