Employers will often ask us how is it possible to keep employees motivated and consistent with their wellness program.
The thing is, you really cannot motivate someone who is not motivated.
This often leads to business owners increasing the workload of their HR department in a bid to ensure that employees remain on the program in order to see an optimal ROI.
Sometimes organizations believe they need to set up and appoint a designated wellness committee and have key personnel make additional time to facilitate a wellness program.
However, at Healthy Way Every Day, by prioritizing involvement and education, we can custom build a program and provide strategies that are facilitated regularly onsite or via a combination of onsite and virtual assistant options.
We can coordinate directly with your designated wellness personnel and provide literature, statistics and updates as needed to ensure that your staff are not overwhelmed with extra duties.
Many wellness providers or benefits policies offer across the board "generic" wellness programs where all employees follow the same formula or are offered the same options.
But no plan should be generic and should provide strategies and solutions that best fit the majority of your workforce.
And remember, health is not always an absence of disease but can be measured by the smiles on your employees faces too.