If you navigated to this page from our homepage, you have already seen "why" we do what we do, and it got your attention enough to click the read more button, but what exactly do we mean when we say that we want to create Wellness Awareness?
If you go online, the definition of awareness is "having the knowledge or perception of a certain fact; and in a state of being conscious of something" but does this really engage or excite you about our strategies and have you picking up the phone to book us to present our "What Is Wellness Blueprint"?
Maybe not yet, so let us elaborate. 
Although our main approach is that of the 3 A's : Awareness, Assessment and Action, we actually break this down into a further 3 key components :
Engagement - Excitement - Empowerment
  • First, we create "Engagement" because after all, as soon as we begin our presentation, you want your staff to be fully engaged in what we have to say from the get go and your goal and our goal is to have your workforce take in all of the information that we have to present.
  • Second, we generate that "Excitement" because if the information does not excite them about taking control of their own health and fitness levels, then we lose that engagement. And our expertise has shown that employees are more productive and profitable when they take an active interest in their own health and fitness.
  • Thirdly, our presentations will frequently uncover employees readiness to make change and highlight their physical and emotional ability to adopt new and sustainable lifestyle habits. This leaves your workforce not only "Empowered" to not only make change but we also leave them so empowered that they actually "want" to make those changes. 
So, pick up the phone to chat and then book our presentation, and see how working with with award winning professionals, and leaders in the wellness industry, will build your organization into a team of "Wellness Champions"