Don't mistake physically demanding jobs with exercise.
   Shiftwork can increase accidents on the job and decrase life expectancy.
   Fatigue is the #1 Psychosocial Hazard that can lead to DEPRESSION!
   Sedentary workers are more susceptible to musculoskeletal disfunction and risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease.
   Business owners and managers need to realize stress can lead to burnout and premature death.
When surveyed, 60% of employees said that the biometric testing, health screening and fitness assessment testing, were what they found to be the most valuable tools offered to them on a wellness program.
Although this feedback is encouraging, and based on the fact that we know that "employees are more productive when they take an active interest in their own health, fitness and well-being", the success of any wellness program you provide, will be determined by the knowledge, delivery skills and support, offered by your wellness provider.
To ensure minimal disruption to your organization and business operations, we provide all of our biometric health screening clinics on site at your facility; and we have a team of health practitioners who can provide additioal support as required.
At Healthy Way Every Day, we take the Holistic approach, working with the "whole body", addressing health on many levels and providing alternative practitioner services as required. 
We use the ABCD system
abcd  bodyfat   fitbloodpressuredoctorallergy  diet   stress
Anthropometric Assessment
   Use of bio-impedence testing, body composition and fitness testing and calculations to determine level of health.
Biochemical Assessment
   Determining through blood and urine testing protocols, potential abnormalities in metabolic efficiency.
   Including but not limited to food allergens and heavy metal toxicity.
   Referring to medical and/or alternative practitioners as required.
Clinical Assessment
   Physical examinations performed by a medical practitioner; blood work and physical examinations.
Dietary Assessment
   Using our comprehensive nutritional analysis, we determine the current dietary habits of your employees.
   Analyzing lifestyle habits and determining current and potential chronic illness and disease risk factors.
   Identifying if these choices could compromise their emotiona and physical ability to perform optimally in the workplace.

Your employees are your operations most valuable commodity and your company would not exist or be profitable without a healthy and strong workforce.  

Our fitness assessment testing protocols can all be performed on-site, with minimal disruption to your operations and are fully customized to your specific industry, so make an appointment today and introduce our strategies into your organization to become a WELLNESS CHAMPION! 


If you are ready to consider onsite fitness testing and biometric screening you can download our PAR-Q and waiver here