Entering The Workforce?
When students graduate from college or university, they enter the workplace with a wealth of knowledge which they are eager to apply in their new position, and understandably both you and they want them to excel.
But, performance, productivity, and ultimately, your employees success, will primarily be determined by their lifestyle and nutrition choices, made both in the workplace, and in the home too.
And, although the tutor prepared your new employee academically, are you confident that their lifestyle and wellness choices, both at work and at home, will physically and emotionally prepare them to perform at their best?
External Health & Safety Training?
Are you an external training facility, that provides off-site training to employers? Maybe you specialize in health and safety training for mainstream and higher risk industries such as hospitality workers, construction and transportation trades?
Each of these industries requires a certain skill set, but lifestyle and nutrition choices can negatively impact information retention, application and safe and effective execution.
Is Your Industry At Risk?
Every profession has its' own unique challenges, some of which we have just listed, and employees can experience both physical and emotional challenges; and certain industries are at a higher risk than others.
Sedentary workers often suffer from musculoskeletal, spinal and mobility issues.
Truck drivers are sedentary and are at a higher risk of developing obesity and type II diabetes.
Manual labourers require physical strength and are at a high risk of developing chronic back and neck issues and more susceptible to injuries and accidents.
Emergency services, doctors, firefighters, nurses and police are exposed to higher stress levels and disrupted sleep patterns. 
Our expertise is "Psychosocial Health & Psychosocial Hazards" in the workplace.
Fatigue is the #1 Psychosocial Hazard that can lead to DEPRESSION!
Shiftworkers are at a much higher risk of fatigue, stress and and burnout.
But how does this affect you as an employer and what risks are shiftworkers exposed to?
   Shorter lifespan
   Increased risk of type II diabetes
   Heart disease
   Impaired brain function, memory problems, mood swings and DEPRESSION!
   Stimulant, alcohol and drug dependency
   Chronic digestive issues and reduced immune system health
Client Testimonial
Appreciative of how shiftwork can not only impair performance on the job, and how new employees will be responsible for millions of dollars worth of equipment, CN Rail asked for our assistance in providing nutrition, fitness and lifestyle strategies that would help their students to transition safely into the workplace.  So for the last 4 years, we have been providing our "Nutrition & Fitness For Shiftworkers Workshop" to the Railway Conductor students at our local Winnipeg Red River College. Educating and training them on how critical their lifestyle choices will be when it comes to optimizing their performance, working in a safe and healthy manner, providing sustainable strategies to boost health and how to create a healthy work-life-balance.
Our program is exceptionally successful and always well received, can be adapted to any shiftwork profession, and can be also be adapted to provide strategies for the regular 9-5 worker too.
So whether you want your students to excel when they transition into the workplace, provide external training courses, or maybe you are an employer who employs shiftworkers and would like us to present an onsite workshop to improve the health and performance of your workforce, then contact us NOW to discuss how we can help you and your employees to see these and many more benefits :
  • Make better nutrition and lifestyle choices
  • Handle stress better
  • Retain and relay information more effectively and with more clarity
  • Decrease injuries and accidents at work
  • Communicate better and make more informed decisions
  • Increase productivity and accuracy
  • Perform in a more safe and healthy manner
  • Match your nutrition and lifestyle choices to your profession and maximize your performance