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Corporate Health Strategies

Whether you are a savvy business owner, a human resources professional or an OSH executive, you understand the financial and operational costs of an unhealthy workforce.


    100 million days are lost every year due to staff sickness!

    Absenteeism costs employers $32 billion dollars annually.

    Obesity has an annual price tag of $7.1 billion.

    Obesity can lead to the onset of type II diabetes, heart disease, cancer and depression!

    Presenteeism costs 3x what an absent employee costs you!

   STD & LTD costs are escalating and health premiums have risen 15% over the last year!

   Did you know that FATIGUE has been cited as the #1 Psychosocial Hazard that causes DEPRESSION!

   And the W.H.O. has predicted that by 2020 the second leading cause of disease GLOBALLY will be DEPRESSION!

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But you also understand the benefits of a fit and healthy workforce too.

   Increased productivity and bottom line profits.

   Happier and more confident employees improve your company image and customer relationships.

   Healthy employees become a role model to work colleagues and are respected more in leadership roles.

As our lives become more hectic, and we push ourselves harder, our stress levels continually increase to meet the pressures and demands of our personal and professional lives.

So you as an employer want a wellness program with strategies that work?

But many facets need to be addressed to make the program successful :

   Your employees come in all shapes, ages and sizes.

   Job demands are different depending on your industry.

   Fitness levels and abilities vary.

   Employees might already have been diagnosed with an illness, medical disease and using prescription medications.


At Healthy Way Every Day, we can provide every wellness solution necessary, from simple Lunch and Learn Workshops to complete Concierge Lifestyle Clinics.

Because building health extends way beyond eating less and moving more.


With Karen’s expertise in Holistic Nutrition, Psychosocial Health and with certifications in Body Image & Eating Disorders, she not only provides education, food coaching and lifestyle counseling, but she provides your employees with a program where they are not intimidated and where they feel comfortable and empowered to make change.

Both Karen and Richard have been recognized as leaders in their field; they are highly respected health professionals; and employees, students and audiences have expressed frequently how their animated personalities, English accent, and exemplary delivery skills make their sessions both enjoyable and educational.

Strategies provided, empowers your employees to make better choices in the workplace, they receive education which they can take into their home life, and receive support and guidance which will help them to create and develop an actual lifestyle changes.

Poor nutritional balance alone correlates to an 8% reduction in productivity, and people with bad diets are absent 15% more than those with good diets.

Health & Performance Research Study by Vielife, Harvard Medical School & Institute for Health & Productivity Management.


The way you are working, isn't working to your advantage, and so book us NOW to meet you onsite to discuss how our strategies will make you a Wellness Champion!