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canstockphoto10497813Navigating Nutrition In The Workplace

Building a successful and profitable company, starts with a healthy workforce, and we discuss here how studies have shown that employees are more productive when they take an active interest in their own health and fitness.
But, with all of the information available to us nowadays regarding nutrition, fitness and diet, it can be challenging to make an informed decision regarding your health and it is difficult to know who to listen to.
And, because the data available to us is often confusing and frequently contradictory, it becomes an even bigger challenge to motivate your staff to take an active interest in their health.
So our "Introduction To Wellness" seminars are designed to make you inspect and challenge your current beliefs about health. We get you to address your current struggles regarding your nutrition and lifestyle choices. And, drawing on our expertise and animated delivery skills, we make wellness fun, easy to understand and we will have your employees empowered and wanting to make change. 
At Healthy Way Every Day, the reason that our "Introduction To Wellness" seminars are so popular, is that our delivery skills and expertise are tailored to helping your employees to feel comfortable discussing their health; our strategies will not leave your empoyees feeling intimidated; and we build trust so that they leave our workshops empowered to make those sustainable lifestyle changes.
What Topics Are Covered?
Depending on your organization or the industry that you work in, we can provide either fully customized workshops or we can provide a more general overview but we would meet with you at your facility to discuss your requirements and to give us an opportunity to visually review your work environment, so we may assist and advise you better.
As most lunch 'n' learn workshops are understandably held over the lunch period, one format we offer is that we encourage the participants to bring their lunch to the workshop, where we have a fun and interactive discussion on what employees brought to eat; asking them why they brought what they did; what they consider healthy; discuss how they can make better choices; and how they can make those better choices more often.
Perhaps your organization runs shifts? If so, we can provide our "Nutrition & Fitness For Shiftworkers" presentation where we discuss shiftwork; how the body handles the stresses of working against the internal body clock; what foods work best and at what time of day; and how to make fitness fit into your routine.
Maybe your industry involves a high degree of stress?
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Lawyers? Financial Industry? Transportation? Emergency Services? Pilots? Construction? Food Production?
If so, you could have us present our "Stress & Its' Physiological Effects" workshop, which helps employees to understand exactly what stress is; what the negative effects are; and how to manage stress better with lifestyle, nutrition and fitness protocols.
How Will You Benefit?
   Employees will make better food choices at work.
   Their nutrition and fitness will be matched to their profession.
   Staff will be able to retain and relay information easier and with more clarity.
   You will see your workforce adapting to and handling stress better.
   They will have more energy, focus and clarity.
   Your organization will experience less accidents and injuries.
   Communication will improve and your employees will be able to make more informed decisions.
   Staff will perform in a safe and healthy manner.