Upcoming Speaking Events

October 17th 2016


Listen to Karen's recent interview on Radio W.O.R.K.S. World Show where she discussed Psychosocial Health in the workplace; how psychosocial hazards are impacting your bottom line, increasing your health insurance premiums and negatively affecting the O.S.H. in your organization. She also covers how FATIGUE is the #1 Psychosocial Hazard that is costing Canadian employers $330 million in lost productivity annually, and how FATIGUE is a #1 cause for the onset of DEPRESSION!

December 22nd 2016

Keynote Speaker at the Moving On Up Networking Event at Perkins in Winnipeg on Portage Avenue.
   Discussing cancer nutrition, how health and wellness should be addressed from a cellular level and why you cannot lose weight to get healthy but you have to get healthy to lose the weight.


Previous Events / Regular Contracts

  • Keynote Speaker at the 2015 Annual Conference for the Manitoba Association Of Health Information Professionals
  • Going in to my fourth year with CN Rail and Red River College as provider of my "Nutrition for Shiftworkers" workshop that is provided on location at the Red River Regent Avenue satellite facility, educating students new into the workforce, using nutrition strateies, on how to manage their performance on the job at the same time as navigating the disruptions of shift work.
  • Presenting on behalf of canfitpro, our "Stress & Its' Physiological Effects"  to new Personal Training students, as they enter into the workforce and forge new careers in the fitness industry.



  • 2011 Nominated for the Manitoba Women Entrepreneur of the Year Awards, taking home the Contribution to the Community Award
  • 2011 Selected by the Colorectal Cancer Association of Canada to become one of their Cancer Coaches and spent 4 days at their Toronto conference becoming certified to work as a Cancer Coach specializing in Psychosocial Health & Cancer Nutrition
  • 2012 Chosen by the Canadian Fitness Professionals (www.canfitpro.com), alongside her husband Richard, to become the dedicated Manitoba PRO TRAINERS for the launch of their brand new Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach Course (HWL); becoming certified as a HWL Coach and certified to teach budding nutrition students to become HWL Coaches in their own right, and providing certification options.
  • 2011 Article "Your Sugar Fix Is Putting You At Risk" published in the Women Business Owners Magazine, which covered the topic of how sugar is more addictive than cocaine and alcohol.
  • 2010 Article "Cancer Below The Belt" published in the local Well News publication covering the topic of Colorectal Cancer and nutrition and health protocols to manage the disease.