Colleges, universities, independent training and health and safety facilities are an amazing resource available to students and employees who want to improve their education and/or maybe required to further their professional development for their job.

  • Worldwide it is possible to train for almost anything, with knowledgeable and skilled trainers and lecturers in all topics.
  • These professionals guide you through the curriculum, share their experience and help you to graduate with the relevant knowledge to go into your chosen profession and/or climb up the corporate ladder in your current job.
  • With all of this knowledge, and that certificate in your hand, yes, you do possess all of the information necessary to perform your job, BUT, you are missing one vital component to performing optimally on the job.  
  • No one has actually provided any education on how to match your lifestyle and nutrition choices to your chosen profession.
Why is this important?
Four 4 years ago we began working locally in Winnipeg with Red River College when the CN Rail training centre, conscious of the health implications that can arise from working 24-hour shifts, added a wellness component into their curriculum.
At the end of every course, we run a Nutrition & Fitness For Shiftworkers half day workshop that helps to bring all of their academic and onsite training together by highlighting how working shifts can impact their health and performance, but with the correct nutrition and fitness strategies, they can boost performance, productivity, energy levels, health and manipulate the body to work when you should be sleeping and sleep when you should be working.
But it is not just a workshop that is relevant to shift workers.
Every profession has their challenges whether it is a physically demanding job, hazardous, repetitive or sedentary.
  • This workshop has been so successful and so well received that we recommend that colleges, universities, training facilities and health and safety organizations, include our workshop at the end of every one of their courses.
  • Each workshop is fully customized to each course and industry and our presenters are skilled to address all demographics.
  • We also recommend that specific industries that have a high incidence of Psychosocial Hazards have us host our workshop on site too.
  • These industries include but are not limited to, food production, manufacturing, hospitality, construction companies, trucking and transport companies, hospitals, high-stress professions such as lawyers, call centres and accountants where cognitive function and concentration is key.
The workshop is split into two parts where we cover nutrition and lifestyle strategies relating to the specific industry and then complete the fitness section by putting the students/participants through a simple 16 minute workout that will illustrate how to fit movement into your routine, even when you don't think you have the time or the energy.
So if you are a college, university, independent training facility, provide further education or are a health and safety training professional, you need to include our workshop in your curriculum, and have your students graduate with not only vital professional skills but the necessary lifestyle skills that will see them EXCEL in their chosen profession and become more productive, profitable and happy in their work.