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Meet Karen Insley
Karen is an award winning Corporate Health Strategist, and uses her expertise in Psychosocial Risk Management to teach organizations on how to recognize and identify the psychosocial risks that are negatively impacting the mental health and mental well-being of their employees.
She educates on how the psychosocial risks are decreasing your employees coping mechanisms and preventing them from being able to work in a safe and healthy manner; leading to increases in health care costs, accidents, injuries and even death.

Identify Your Company's Mental Health
Risks In OUr Half Day Workshop

Psychosocial Hazards Are A Mental Health Risk
You Need To Know How To Recognize The Symptoms
And Understand Why You Can't Ignore Them
Canadian employers are losing over $330 Million EVERY year in lost productivity!

Chronic Disease Consumes 67% Of The Canadian Health Care Budget And You The Employer Are Footing The Bill

Annually Chronic Disease Is Costing Canadians $190 Billion
$65 Billion Is Spent On Treatment
$135 Billion Is The Cost Of Lost Productivity
To Improve Your Health, Your Need Lifestyle Strategies, Not Meal Plans



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