• Employers are being more proactive in their approach to health and wellness and implementing either their own wellness programs or contracting those services out to an independent company such as ours, who can create a fully customized model that will work for your organization and/or industry.
  • But with so many companies investing in wellness nowadays though, why is it that the rate of attrition so high and leaving employers doubting if the investment is worth it?
  • One of the things about our company and why our programs are so successful is because we recommend that there is a designated member of your team who is appointed as our liaison and point of contact, someone "on the ground" who can share our information easily, back and forward, with your employees when needed and who can efficiently report back to us relevant data and statistics.
  • But wouldn't it be nice, and wouldn't things run more smoothly, if the designated member of your team had a background knowledge and skill set that allowed them to fully understand how we operate? And if they were able to share information with your employees in a manner that falls in line with our policies and procedures, your program would run much more smoothly and safe everyone valuable time.
  • We work as freelance PRO TRAINERS with The Canadian Fitness Professionals in Toronto www.canfitpro.com and can host a full day classroom based training course for the Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach (HWL) certification.  After sitting an online exam, your employee will not only become a "certified" HWL Coach, but because we are the PRO TRAINERS for the course, your employee will have a thorough understanding of how "we" do wellness, so that when we ask for information to be shared between you-us-your employees, there is no confusion or misinterpretation.  How awesome does that sound?  


  • Your team member becoming certified in this designation would provide a smooth and seamless communication stream between you and us, but it would also ensure that with that knowledge and understanding of our communication processes, it would alleviate the risk of increased workload and added burden to their already busy days.
  • If you would like to discuss how we can train and certify one, or multiple, members of your team, then email us at richard@rpefitnessinc.com and we will be happy to facilitate the necessary one day course and advise of upcoming course dates.
  • Plus, once you are ready to fly solo, and no longer need our onsite services, you have a fully qualified and educated member of your team who can coordinate future programming, and you can retain us for consulting work as needed.
  • It is a win win situation.
If you do not want to put your designated wellness coordinator through the certification program with canfitpro, then that is perfectly fine with us, as you might already have someone who is wellness savvy and who can act as our point of contact.
But our goal is for your program to be successful and provide a maximum ROI from your investment in your wellness program, so we want to give you options that will make this happen.
And at the end of the day, if the options available to you and your team do not result in an excessive workload increase to an already busy team member, then it is another win win situation.