What is Stress?
The definition of stress is "Stress is any real or imagined threat and the body's response to it" 
Our Power Session
The Physiological Effects Of  Stress
You don't have to get rid of stress, you just have to get good at it.
  • Exercise is a stress to the body, but it can be a good stress or a bad stress. 
  • Your current health status, your professional life and your family/social habits will affect how your body interprets that physical stress.


  • Your nutrition choices can increase your stress levels too.
  • Eating under stress can negatively impact your overall health.
  • Certain foods can put stress on the body, such as poor quality fats and sugars can increase inflammation, and inflammation can present itself in many forms, from simple joint pain all the way up to cancer.


  • Sleep deprivation is not only a chronic stress to the body, but sleep deprivation can result from poor food choices, but sleep deprivation can also lead you to make poor food choices in return.


  • Chronic stress can also present in many other forms : depression, digestive issues, inability to lose weight, blood sugar dysregulation, high blood pressure, decreased libido, migraines and headaches, low energy levels, sinus problems and allergies and poor cognitive function with foggy brain.


  • As we approach the holiday season, stress levels are elevated even further as we are invited to social functions and there is a continual stream of office parties and festive foods being brought into the workplace.
  • This can leave many of us in an almost state of panic, dreading those social events because you feel like there are no healthy options available.
  • Some people avoid these events because they feel that their food and drink choices will spiral out of control, but it doesn't have to be that way.
  • Our power session will help reduce your emotional and physical stress levels by giving you strategies on how to navigate those party platters and social events without feeling like a food Nazi.
Why Stress Is Healthy For You
  • Everyone nowadays is stressed and we interpret stress as being a bad thing.
  • But not every form of stress is actually bad for you.
  • This seminar addresses stress from a holistic perspective.
  • And stress is actually a mindset and although we might not be able to change the situation that is causing your stress, we can help you to change your mindset relating to that stress and influence how you react to it.
  • Our presentation will also provide education and strategies on how to recognize stress and how companies use stress in their advertisements to manipulate your nutrition and lifestyle choices.