Your employees are your greatest asset, but psychosocially unhealthy employees are a financial burden on your health insurance premiums, and in 2016 some industries have seen those premiums increase by over 15% 

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FATIGUE is the #1 Psychosocial Hazard that is costing Canadian employers $330 MILLION annually in lost productivity!

FATIGUE is a primary cause of DEPRESSION!!

DEPRESSION and ANXIETY is costing the Canadian economy almost $50 BILLION a year!!!!

So a 15% increase in health care premiums adds up very quickly.

As a Human Resource Professional, these numbers are important as more and more employees are going on STD and LTD and the total bill for prescription medications and treatment is increasing an an alarmingly fast rate.

As an OSH Executive, FATIGUE is contributing to the increase in accidents and injuries in your workplace, is increasing the dollars spent on training, re-training and the costs associated with treatment and recovery increases quickly too.


FATIGUE is not something that can be measured, but it can become chronic.

Negative impacts on performance :

   Slowed reaction time.

   Increase in accidents and injuries.

   Inability to communicate effectively.

   Poor decision making.

   Hallucinations and memory problems.    

   Forgetfulness and poor errors of judgement.

   Inability to handle stress.

   Reduced performance and productivity.

Negative impacts on health :

   Increase in the number of employees who are obese, and obesity is a primary cause of type II diabetes.

   Heart Disease and High Cholesterol.

   Cancer and premature death.

   Impaired brain function, memory problems, mood swings and DEPRESSION! 

   Stimulant, alcohol and drug dependency.

   Chronic digestive issues and reduced immune system health.

Although you are probably aware of the negative impacts on performance and health, some of the financial statistics might have come as a shock, and so taking pro-active steps to address the Psychosocial Hazards in your workplace, and addressing the mental health and mental well-being of your employees, is not a should do, but is a must do.

So allow us, as your Psychosocial Health Experts, to become WELLNESS CHAMPIONS who are recognized as industry leaders in when it comes to health and talent management.

Working with you to identify the risks, minimize potential future health costs, reduce accidents and injuries and create a safe and healthy environment for all employees.