"We just participated in the lunch and learn at MPI with Karen. I have attended many health workshops and I have to say that this one was by far the best one I have ever been to. Though there was a lot of information it was easy to understand in the way that Karen explained it and I learned so much about my own health journey and how to make corrections. Karen is obviously very well read and knows her stuff; I thought she did a great job and I hope to have the opportunity to attend more of her presentations".
"I was taking notes the whole way through the conference and hope I didn't monopolize you by asking so many questions; and your unique selling point is your English accent as people love listening to the accent and I could personally listen to you all day".
"I can't say enough great things about Richard and Karen's teaching style and their delivery skills. Both of them are remarkable trainers, they make a great team and I'd take their courses ten times over".
"I recently completed the HWL course & exam and I had the pleasure of meeting 2 very awesome Pro Trainers....Karen and Richard Insley...these 2 are absolutely amazing and the two of them together are a great team!!! They were eager to share the information, answer questions (both during the live class and by email) and share their passion for healthy living with us. Such an AMAZING experience!!!".
"Your presentation at our annual health conference was absolutely fantastic, we so enjoyed listening to you and I learned so much from the event; and thank you for being a part of our day".
"I have had the pleasure of working with both of these professionals, and their combined expertise, in both nutrition and fitness, is a perfect combination and their programming and knowledge is second to none".
"Karen & Richard don't just "know" nutrition and fitness, but they "understand" it and their delivery skills not only engage their clients, but they have a unique ability of empowering their clients to adopt change."
Listen to these professionals, they really know their stuff with regard to fitness and nutrition and you will learn a lot from them".
"You did a great job today! Your presentation and confidence were outstanding! And your presentation has really grown since the first time we worked together".
"Karen's fitness programs are absolutely fabulous! She has so much information to share and works with each person on where they are currently at with regard to health and fitness levels. The classes are really fun and regardless of where you are starting, she will give you the right amount of challenge and encouragement! I highly recommend any program that Karen is a part of!!!!!".