A Workplace "Challenge" is a fun and relaxed way to get your workforce involved in a wellness program without the formal structure of a wellness program.
Not everyone wants to lose weight, and so a "Biggest Loser" Challenge is not always as popular as you might think.
With this in mind, we have devised a 3 step challenge that can include our "What Is Wellness" presentation if required, but the challenge can be facilitated as a stand alone fun fitness initiative that incorporates some or all of our fitness assessment testing protocols (you get to choose the complexity).
Although this model below does demonstrate the components of our fitness challenge, if you do want to run a "Biggest Loser" Challenge then please do connect with us as all of our programs can be fully customized to work around your wants/needs.
6 Week Heart Health Fitness Challenge
Step 1
We use components of our fitness assessment testing services in our 6 week challenge.
Prior to commencing the challenge, a video demonstrating the format and components of the fitness test will be sent to each participant, along with instructions on how to prepare for the assessment, such as what to wear and recommendations relating to the consumption of food and/or beverages beforehand.
A PAR Q and Waiver will be forwarded to each participant which is to be completed and signed and returned back to us electronically at least 1 week prior to commencement of the challenge; this allows us time to review any medical/health/injury concerns so that we can make adjustments as needed.
All correspondence and documents are emailed directly back to us so as to ensure complete client confidentiality.
Components of the fitness test will include (but not limited to) :
Strength Test
Cardiovascular Test
Core Test
Biometric Body Fat/BMI testing will be recorded, in addition to waist to hip ratio (WHR) and body measurements.
Step 2
We liaise with your onsite wellness coordinator/appointed staff member to schedule the onsite fitness testing and health tracking measurements to be recorded.
Our recommendation is to allow 30 minutes for each test with a 10 minute gap in between each session to allow us to get ready for the next participant.
The number of participants may extend over multiple days and we will coordinate with you on how best to schedule to ensure that everyone is tested in a fair and timely manner.
Weekly motivational emails are sent out to each employee in addition to workout sheets being provided that give employees simple activity strategies to boost overall fitness levels, and to encourage improvements on previous performance.
The challenge also includes online email support to ensure employees are progressing to their fullest and to provide additional strategies to reach their highest possible fitness levels.
Step 3
We come back onsite at the end of the 6 weeks to perform the end of challenge fitness test again and measure body fat / BMI / WHR / body measurements.
Results are collated based on multiple parameters which provides a more fair option to determine the winner(s) and you can drive the decision on how to recognize and reward the winner(s).
In our professional opinion we suggest having a male and a female winner and using tangible gift cards for specific facilities e.g. Tim Hortons have shown to be the most popular rewards preferred by employees.
We can quote to provide every participant with a t-shirt that is printed with our logo and yours, as this way, when your employees wear their shirt to the gym, others will see that you are an employer that cares about investing in the health of your workforce.
Plus it is free advertising for you in the process.
  • We can include additional options outside of the biometric testing, WHR, weight, body fat and BMI, but you do need to schedule your staff to be away from their desk for a little extra time.
  • These metrics are typically used in our Biggest Loser weight loss challenges though but can be incorporated into the fitness challenges too.
  • And depending on how many employees you wish to sign up for the challenge, you may need to schedule assessments to be run over multiple days.