• The reason why we excel and why our Workplace Wellness Programs are the best is because we focus on rebuilding health from the inside out.
    Being overweight is not a problem, it is merely the symptom of a metabolic imbalance and we "look under the hood" to address the cause of the problem and not just look at the symptom.  After all, we don't have a headache because the body is deficient in aspirin, we have a headache because there is an underlying reason for that headache; and we act as your "Health Detectives".
  • We are proud of the high standards of our health and well-being seminars and workshops as our experts are not only passionate about their knowledge, but they deliver with passion too.  Creating complete engagement so that your employees are excited and empowered to make sustainable lifelong changes.
  • Our presentations are created using credible evidence based scientific research.
    We stay current with our knowledge and expertise and will "always" provide updates and support post any of our presentations and/or programming to ensure that you and your employees stay current and updated too.
  • Although we take our content very seriously, we try not to take ourselves too seriously, and strive to make all of our workshops and programs fun and engaging which not only builds trust by helping the audience feel at ease, but it promotes continued adherence to the program(s).
  • We are experts in helping our clients to embrace and adopt healthier habits and in helping them to make better choices more often, structuring all programs and presentations to address the stress and challenges often faced by the busy professional.
We also address major health topics such as :
   Heart Disease
   Food Allergies
Ask us for a complete list of topics or discuss your concerns with us and we will custom design a workshop just for you.
We don't do cookie cutter workshops.
Our cookie recipe is fully customized to "you".