"There is a strong and compelling business case to be made for making the workplace an environment that is conducive to mental health, since the payback for greater productivity will outweigh the costs of the investment required to significantly reduce mental health risk factors in the workplace.
(Quote taken from The Standing Senate Committee on Social Affairs, Science and Technology, 2006)

Employers are realizing the importance of workplace health solutions, but, it was found that even if employers provided a wellness program for their employees, that over 36% of employees did not actually participate in the programs offered.
But, the promising statistic is that nearly 60% of employees said that the biometric testing, the health risk assessments and bio-impedence tracking protocols, proved to be the most valuable tools offered to them on a wellness program.

We can provide all services on site to ensure minimal disruption to you and your company operations.
Our Psychosocial Health Risk & Lifestyle Assessment (PHRLA) helps to identify not only the current health status of your employees, but it is also a systematic process of gathering information that can identify possible future health risks that could impair your employees performance, productivity and which could potentially also negatively affect health benefit premiums and use.

Our process is to use our findings from the PHRLA, develop strategies and to work with your Health & Safety Executives, Unions and Human Resources to reduce risks, accidents and health insurance premiums; providing a healthier, safer and more productive environment in your workplace.

We can fully customize on-site health and fitness testing services, dependent on variable factors, including but not limited to company size, industry, location and job demands.

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