Is your wellness budget small? Maybe you don't currently have a budget and are unable right now to implement a wellness program?
We can provide you with virtual options that will give you, your staff and your organization the results and feel of a big budget wellness initiative, but at a fraction of the cost. 
Use them as a stand alone option for wellness in your company, choose one or two options and build add onto your program as needed or as a means of complimenting existing wellness initiatives that you may currently be offering.
You can also take advantage of our "Train the Trainer" option where we can provide wellness coaching training and certification to your HR department or a key member of your staff, to act as our on-site liaison.



Train The Trainer

Maintaining ongoing momentum with any wellness project can be a challenge, especially if your organization's wellness budget is limited or non-existent, and so for it to be effective and provide optimal ROI, having onsite key personnel who can liaise between us and your employees, and monitor procedures and report back to us, will give you the feel of a full concierge wellness program, at a fraction of the cost.
We can provide wellness coach training and certification to one or more designated key personnel in your organization, and so contact us to discuss how we can combine the virtual wellness coordinator with our train the trainer package.



Online Exercise Planners &  One-On-One Personal Training

   Downloadable workout routines created by our Head Personal Trainer.
   Regardless of goal they include everything from strength, cardio, core, tabata, HIIT, intervals, muscle building, losing fat, weight loss.
   Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced.
   Improve job performance, mobility, flexibility, and much much more.
   Print outs and videos for additional clarification and demonstrations.
   Access to our Head Personal Trainer for Q&A or one-one-training (this incurs an additional cost)




Online Nutrition Planners & One-On-One Nutrition Consultations

  Nutrition assistance from our Holistic Nutritionist and Dietitian.
  Meal plans, recipes, cooking techniques, grocery tips, calculating calories for health and weight loss.
  Video demonstrations and at an extra cost we can provide on-site cooking demonstrations too.
  In person one-on-one nutrition consultations can be provided (this incurs an additional cost).




Online Education, Training & Support! 

   Online self-guided programs in the form of e-books, videos and downloadable manuals.
   On-site lunch 'n' Learn workshops can provide additional onsite training (ask us for details)



Health & Fitness Trackers!

  Find the best tracking app or device to keep you motivated and goal orientated.
  Numerous options available to track BP, BS, Calories, Fitness Levels, Body Fat, BMI, and many more.




   VLOGS and BLOGS covering personal and professional views and current topics of interest.

   Database is uploaded regularly and videos can be accessed on our youtube and vimeo accounts.



Motivational Emails & Newsletters!

   Our health experts provide emails to keep you motivated, educated and informed.
   Electronic newsletters keep employees updated of events and statistics relevant to your wellness program progress.



 Ask The Expert! 

  Our ask the expert section allows you and/or your staff to find the answers to personal health and fitness questions.
  Telephone and email consultations available.
  Complete confidentiality, information is not share with third parties, work colleagues or management.



Group Challenges!

   At certain times of year, you may have health, fitness and/or weight management concerns.
   Allow us to create and monitor a workplace challenge that will improve health and productivity.
   We can provide initial and follow up weigh-in's with body fat, WHR, BMI and measurements for progress tracking.
   Some friendly competition with your co-workers can help boost morale and improve teamwork?