Karen has been working professionally in Canada as a health expert for the last decade, but she actually began her own personal health journey back in 1998 after sustaining a fractured skull when involved as a passenger in a motorbike accident in Scotland. This left her permanently deaf in her left ear, with temporary facial paralysis for 6 weeks, and the impact resulted in her brain hitting the front of her skull so hard, that she damaged her olfactory bulb,and  she was left with absolutely no sense of smell or taste.

The neurosurgeon who was responsible for her recovery, was at that time one of two of the top neurosurgeons in the UK, and he told her that she would never regain her sense of smell or taste, and that that her condition regarding these senses was permanent.  Having graduated from University with a Diploma in Nutrition & Food Manufacturing, and at the time of the accident being head of purchasing and food production at the Toyota Motor Manufacturing company in the UK, this was devastating to her both from a personal and professional perspective.

So, after a lengthy rehab, and aware of how nutrition can heal the body, she adopted a personal mission to "prove her neurosurgeon wrong".

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Since entering into the professional field of holistic nutrition, she has implemented many alternative therapies and adopted a natural and organic diet. And, although her hearing loss in her left ear was permanent, since making some simple lifestyle changes, she has regained much of her sense of smell and taste, and now uses her own personal experience to help others to reverse disease and to reach their optimal health and weight. Because, given the right tools, the body does want to be healthy.So yes Karen did prove her neurosurgeon wrong!

Karen has spent many years developing her presenter knowledge and expertise, and is becoming a much sort after speaker, at conferences, with private groups, corporations and food production companies.  She has not only been successful at transforming the physical health of many individuals, but using her certification in body image and eating disorders, she has also been able to transform clients relationship with food too.

Drawing on her animated personality, English accent, and the ability to add humour into her presentations, she delivers entertaining, stimulating and inspirational wellness talks. She finds herself not only being able to empower individuals to make nutritional and lifestyle changes, but her energy and enthusiasm, paired with her unique delivery methods, has her audiences engaged from the onset, and leaves them excited about nutrition and empowered to make change. 

After listening to one of Karen's presentations, it is virtually impossible to not leave with almost as much passion about nutrition as her.  And, her audiences come away with a completely new perspective of what healthy means. But they also leave with enthusiasm for how easy her content is to understand and how easy it is to implement it into their personal and professional lives and to find that work-life balance.

With the amount of nutrition information available nowadays, it is easy to see why people get confused, there is so much contradiction, and mis-information; and unfortunately, a lot of those talking about nutrition nowadays, know just about enough to be dangerous!!!

So if you want to invest in your employees health, because after all, they are your most valuable asset, then you do need to introduce Karen into your wellness plans.
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