What Is Wellness Presentation
Wellness is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.
                                                                                                                                                                                               The World Health Organization
  • Wellness is not just about meal plans, gym membership or offering healthy snacks in the vending machine.
  • It doesn't involve installing a fitness facility at your location or employing a full-time wellness coach.
  • Stop Smoking and Healthy Eating Flyers in the lunch room offer little incentive to make a change and often get ignored "because they have seen this all before".
  • And there are so many "coaches" offering wellness solutions nowadays that employee enthusiasm gets diluted because they lack trust in the provider.
  • And, even if you already have "wellness" options available to your employees, they are typically generic add on's to their regular benefits plans and you have probably found that a lot of your employees do not utilize the services on offer to them. Often because they don't now about them and don't know how to apply it to their lifestyle.
With this in mind, we created our "What Is Wellness" blueprint.
It not only provides you with an on-site 60 minute industry specific wellness presentation, but you really do get an organizational "blueprint" that includes strategies for moving forward.
In A Nutshell
  • Create that valuable "awareness" step by providing our "What Is Wellness" presentation.
  • Confidential follow up survey and collation of results.
  • Provide statistics on which of the 8 topics in the "What Is Wellness" presentation resonated the most with you and your employees. Because for your program to be sustainable and successful, and for your investment to provide an optimal ROI, it needs to be developed around what your workforce find important to them. And they will not participate in a program that is not relevant or useful to them.
  • Develop an action plan that includes our recommendations and strategies relating to health screening, assessment testing options, nutritional support and determine time frame and goals.
  • Discuss if any of the strategies can be performed in-house and options to appoint an on-site wellness coordinator who can be trained by us and act as our liaison for continued support and advice.
  • Develop an action plan with our recommendations for health screening, assessment testing options, nutritional support and include a time frame with goals.
Even if this is the only component of our programming that you invest in, you have taken a valuable step towards creating an healthier and happier workforce and you will be in possession of a wealth of tools and strategies to move forward by yourself.
Our fee for this comprehensive "blueprint" is $500 and we are confident that you will like what you see, and should you decide to move forward with additional programming, you have multiple options.
Additional Components.
Discuss a start date.
Provide program outline, literature, supporting material, manuals and all relevant contact information.
Begin program by performing necessary testing and counseling services.
Provision of ongoing support, re-testing and revisions to program as needed.
Although we do discuss nutrition and fitness, this is "not" a talk about "eat this, don't eat that and move more".
This is our keynote presentation and covers 8 topics which are instrumental in helping you to create a wellness "culture" where your employees become "intrinsically" motivated in wellness as opposed to "extrinsically" motivated.
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