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We cannot answer every question on this page but wanted to share a few common questions asked to help you to navigate how awesome we really are. 

Our Services & Fees

EAP is a great resource to have available to your employees, however statistics show that only 3%-5% of employees use the service, because primarily they do not trust the confidentiality of the process and are not comfortable talking with a stranger.  This is why the first step of our process is our "What Is Wellness" presentation which introduces us in person to your employees, they become comfortable in being able to ask questions face to face and it allows us to begin building trust and forming a relationship. We do not replace what you currently have, we add complimentary value to your program and can provide support and education on how to implement existing resources.

We offer many customized wellness programs and health assessments, the most popular is our Power Sessions and our What Is Wellness Workshop. Prices for these range from $300-$600 and although fully customized to your organization and industry, your remaining budget might not be sufficient to implement everything you want to.

We believe that every employer should have access to affordable wellness opportunities, and although our customized onsite programs produce some phenomenal results, we decided to create our "Workplace Wellness Coach" (WWC) course that gives you credible training and "almost" full time access to our team of experts (well we do have to sleep sometimes). So check out our WWC page if you haven't already and then contact us to discuss your wellness goals.

Actually you don't.
However, we can provide a wealth of resources and create customized strategies that we "know" will work, but if you don't implement them, then yes, quite possibly, the program might fail. Think about if we gave you a top of the range hammer, with a comprehensive instruction manual, it is still up to you as to whether you build a house or a table. We cannot vouch for the integrity or quality of either finished product, but what we can vouch for is that when it comes to your wellness program, you will have the best strategies possible to build optimal financial and physical operational health.


I Have Questions About The Workplace Wellness Coach Course

It is not available online and for really good reasons. Our course content is delivered by a team of certified wellness professionals and it is important to have that face to face interaction to ask questions and brainstorm, but, there are multiple demonstrations with the use of role playing to give you the opportunity to practice your new skills such as performing the fitness assessment testing and developing your communication skills.

A great question, and basically have you ever been to a training course or attended a conference and come away so fired up and gung ho to implement all that new knowledge you just learned? I bet you have. But, once the dust has settled and you are back at work,and busy with life, it is easy to forget aspects of the course, you might need clarification on some details in the manual or you may experience some hurdles along the way, such as generating momentum or needing some additional advice on how to work around a specific industry or health problem. So, athough our annual subscription is mandatory, the fee gives you not only online access to multiple additional wellness resources and tools, but it gives you online or phone access, as needed, to our team of wellness experts. So you are never far away from help and you have on demand access to the WWC wellness toolkit online.

You will also receive priority notifications on promotions, course updates and program additions. It also allows us more flexibility to offer you additional discounts on our other services such as customized onsite presentations. And we want your wellness programs to be as successful as the ones we run for our clients, and this is like an insurance policy and we "got you covered". Plus, our "Power Sessions" start at $300 and look how much more you get for your annual subscription.

Wow more great questions, and yes this is possible, but, we typically only offer this for organizatons who register 7 or more employees onto our course. This is offered to organizations who have multiple locations and who may need a certified Workplace Wellness Coach in each location and/or department or you may share a building with other companies and have multiple companies wanting to register one or more of their staff members onto the course. But do contact us with your specific requests and we will be glad to help.