This workshop can be adapted to any industry, and you may also want to consideer our "Matching Your Nutrition To Your Profession" workshop too.

Nutrition & Fitness For Shiftworkers

We provide a double edged presentation, the first half covers how to use nutrition to manage the negative impacts of a shiftworking lifestyle and the second half covers why physical fitness is important to shiftworkers and how to fit effective fitness into your unsocial work schedule.
Shiftwork has shown to be related to just some of these conditions : 
Produces carcinogenic effects on the body
Increased rate of breast cancer in women
Shortens life expectancy by 20%
Increases incidence of depression by 1500%
Increases ulcer risk by 800%
Produces more accidents and fatalities on the job
Substance and alcohol abuse is higher
Fatalities commuting to work increases
The body becomes more susceptible to heart disease, weight gain, digestive issues and type II diabetes
Hallucinations, brain fog and irritability are higher in shift workers