We do work one on one with private clients who require nutrition, health and fitness coaching, but the more we worked with corporate clients, we realized the need to bring this service into the workplace.
As a business owner you understand the need for group wellness programming in your organization, but maybe you are concerned about a particular individual, or maybe one of your department is causing you concern?
Departments and organizations where work is sedentary can create health risks, and industries such as vehicle sales where hours are long, opportunities to set specific eating schedules is not possible and staff grab quick and convenient foods as maybe closing that sale takes longer than anticipated.
We can combine our personal health risk assessments with individual one-on-one health coaching to help you eliminate to possibility of the onset of chronic disease within your workforce.
Our Personal Health Risk Assessments provide an evaluation of an individuals current dietary and lifestyle choices and they serve many purposes.
They assess and determine an individuals current health status.
It helps individuals to understand their current health status and to select the right course of action to take.
And it highlights potential health risks that could develop in the future aka onset of chronic disease and illness.
We offer confidentiality and deliver systems that do not single out an individual in the organization so that your employee(s) of concern do not feel that they have been singled out.
Our goal is to estimate the level of health risk and highlight to you and the individual(s) the potential negative impacts on future health and quality of life.
We bring awareness to lifestyle habits and they are a tool to give feedback to the individual(s) and provide an opportunity to discuss behaviour change.
And we motivate the individual(s) to make healthier dietary and lifestyle changes.
So whether it is one person or a department that is of concern to you right now, then we can help you to create solutions and provide strategies that you can implement to prevent the onset of chronic disease or even reverse an already condition that is present.