Being able to diagnose and identify the Psychosocial Risk Factors (PSR) in your organization will ultimately give you the necessary tools and strategies to manage the levels of stress in your workplace.

Not addressing Psychosocial Health Risks in your organization, is like putting your hard hat on after you have fallen from the scaffold, as they are the precursors to mental health and depression developing.

Our goal is to be PROACTIVE and not REACTIVE and Psychosocial Risk Management & Diagnosis is a prevention and crisis management tool which aims to identify situations that are detrimental to your employee's mental health, emotional wellness and their ability to work in a safe and healthy manner.

  • Psychosocial Hazards are not actually physical or psychological hazards, but they are hazards that can ultimately affect physiological health and mental health.
  • They are primarily brought on by stress in the workplace and negatively impact your employee's mental health and mental well-being.

  • Would it surprise you to know that "DISRESPECTFUL BEHAVIOUR" is one of the top Psychosocial Risk Factors and if you are not including a CIVILITY initiative as an integral part of your safety training, then you are missing the point and omitting a vital component that "will" negatively impact the mental and physical health of your employees?

  • When stress is at chronic levels, employees can find themselves in situations where they become overwhelmed, their coping mechanisms to deal with stress become diminished and it prevents your employees from working in a safe and healthy manner.  Leading to accidents, injuries, LTD, STD and ultimately death.


        • Psychosocial Health is the connection between Mental Health and Physical Health and they are both interdependent on social conditions.
        • There are a lot of prejudices to not prioritizing and including Psychosocial Risk Management Training into an organization but our 1 hour, half day and full day training courses can ensure that your organization is mentally healthy and emotionally safe; reducing the risk of accidents, boosting morale, reducing health care spending and increasing your bottom line.


psychosocial prejudices

You will be an organization that is seen to understand the importance of your employee's well-being and will also be seen as being proactive, not reactive, with regard to the health of your workforce.

Psychosocial Risk Management & Mental Health Strategies
            • Your mental health is at risk from psychosocial hazards and incivility

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