No matter what industry you are in, you want to be able to stand out from your competitors

Employers spend a lot on health insurance and benefits and they are always looking for ways to reduce their health spending costs.

And, those employers are often selecting higher deductibles in a bid to make premiums even cheaper.

  • Employers and business owners do get it, in that they need to invest in wellness programming, and because external wellness providers can come at a hefty price tag, they often rely on nothing more than what their group benefits provider has tagged onto their policy. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as there are some amazing options out there. But it is challenging for you and your clients to find affordable solutions that meet all of their needs.
  • More often than not, most policies include some form of EAP, but statistics have shown that only 3%-5% of employees actually use it.
  • The main reason being is they do not trust the confidentiality aspect of talking to a stranger on the phone, especially when it comes to personal issues such as health and finances.
  • And quite often, the employee is not even aware that they even have this option either.  So awareness and education is definitely something that is needed.

You don't want your clients to go elsewhere because they are searching for ways to get more bang for their wellness buck, and we don't want them to go elsewhere either.  And, your requests for us to provide more affordable wellness options was a contributing factor in why we created our "Workplace Wellness Coach" course.

Our industry, is very much a personality based industry, and people work with us because they like and trust us, and we work very hard to build those relationships and trust.  Your industry is very similar too in that your clients need to know that when discussing their health and fitness, they feel confident with not only your products and services but that they trust you to assist them in the best way possible.

So with this in mind, we want to extend to you our "Wellness Referral Program".

wellness referral program group benefits

  • As a personality based industry, the success of our business relies almost entirely on referrals.
  • What our "Wellness Referral Program" offers you, is that for every client of yours that you successfully secure a booking for on our Workplace Wellness Coach Course, we will extend a discount on the cost of the course fee.  You pay us the discounted fee, and you then bill your client(s) the full fee, allowing you to monetize our program.
  • How awesome is that?
  • You are able to offer your existing, and potential new clients, an affordable wellness solution, and be seen as the group benefits provider of choice.
So now we have peaked your interest, you want to know more, and if you haven't checked out the details of our course yet, then you can check out the details here
You can confidently refer us to your clients for many reasons, but trust in the fact that our team of experts are highly regarded professionals in the health and fitness industry and respected by many, including clients, friends and peers.
We offer highly skilled training professionals, who were sought out by the Canadian Fitness Professionals in 2012 to be freelance PRO TRAINERS for their brand new Healthy Eating & Weight Loss course which they launched in 2013.
So you can be completely confident that your clients will be in great hands and that they will be exposed to a wealth of expertise, knowledge and advanced training skills.
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