The majority of people know that they need to make healthy lifestyle choices and that they actually want wellness initiatives in place in the organization.

But when those employees are asked about what they actually want in their program and what is most important to them, typically they actually do not know.  And this is not necessarily a bad thing.  The reason being is that with the amount of information available online nowadays, there is a lot of confusing data and a lot of conflicting reports, and so it is hard to recognize what wellness exactly is and what it comprises of.  So that is why we offer our follow up survey after presenting our "What Is Wellness" presentation.

  • The presentation covers the 8 topics of wellness in detail so that your workforce have a clear understanding of what wellness actually is and our survey then helps them to make a more informed decision as to what is important to them. 
  • This is key to you as an employer as you don't want to be investing money into workshops and programs on topics that are of no interest to your employees.
  • The survey is very short and we only ask simple questions such as ranking importance and relevance of topics and some feedback on the presentation.
  • We request that the employees email us back directly so that we can collate the data and present it back to you as to what your employees need from your workplace wellness program.  This way your employees can be guaranteed complete confidentialty; as the majority of wellness initiatives fall flat because the employees don't trust that their information will be kept private.  
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