As a savvy business owner, you understand the need to offer Wellness Programs to your workforce.
Well orchestrated wellness programs demonstrate to your employees that you value their health and well-being.
But it can be challenging when deciding what to offer and who to use as your wellness provider.
Another challenge can be the size or even non-existence of a wellness budget.
And adding further to that list of challenges is the fact that your programs need to be customized and industry/culture specific.
So what is the answer?
Our Workplace Wellness Coach Course
seminar workplace wellness coachCourse Registration Fee : $599+GST per person
   9 Hour Interactive Training Workshop
   Individual and group presentations
   Navigate and participate in the A.A.D.M.A. Principle
   End of module tests to determine understanding
Single Annual Subscription Fee : $399+GST payable annually (or monthly for only $44.25+GST per month)
(terms and conditions may apply so please ask us for more details)
   Provides continuous support, guidance and coaching from our team of wellness experts
   Confidential correspondence between us and your employees to respect privacy
   Statistical results and data presentations sent direct to you the employer
   40+ hours of webinars, videos and continuing education tools
   Access to private members only online wellness portal
   Fully illustrated forms and templates that can be customized with your logo and free course updates
   Discounts on our products and services including onsite presentations
  • We get some fantastic results from our onsite workplace wellness programs.
  • And yes we can do it all for you.
  • But we want wellness to be affordable to everyone and have created our LOW FIXED COST Workplace Wellness Coach program just for you.
  • And just look at the unique expertise that we bring to you and the course.
  • All for one small course fee and one small subscription fee.
Our Unique Expertise
    Holistic Nutrition
    Oncology Nutrition
    Psychosocial Health & Safety
    Mental Health & Well-being
    Certified Cancer Coaching
    Functional Movement Screening
    MSD's, MSI's, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation
    Stress Management & The Physiological Effects On The Body
    Fatigue, Sleep Deprivation & Shiftwork
Overview of course content (please contact us for a brochure) 
  • Understand the 10 components of wellness, evaluate industry statistics, discuss the current cost of ill health to your organization and how to develop wellness programs that compliment not contradict any services currently offered by your health benefits provider(s).
  • Demonstrate an understanding of how your industry, culture, hazards and multiple generations will affect the design and implementation of your program(s).
  • Learn how to assess current workplace health status and wellness needs, and how to design, develop, track and adapt multiple programs. 
  • Discuss health promotion programs such as weight management, smoking cessation and improved fitness levels and develop the necessary skills to determine what to include and what not to include in your programs.
  • Demonstrate understanding of your scope of practice and when to refer out to external wellness providers.
  • Determine and develop your current style of teaching and how to communicate your objectives to all levels in your organization.
  • How to make a case for wellness, how to collect and interpret data to determine costs, objectives, goals and outcomes.
  • Understand the benefits of health risk assessments, what is available, how to collect the data and how to interpret the results.
  • Learn, through active participation, how to customize and create your own health risk assessments and perform health, wellness and biometric screenings.
  • How to promote your initiative, generate interest and develop engagement and excitement.
The design and effectiveness of your wellness program(s) will depend on much more than a manual, some templates and knowing how to perform a health risk assessment, and with this in mind, we draw on our "Unique Expertise" to expand the curriculum and your modules will include (but not limited to) the psychosocial, physiological, medical, disease management, physical/injury/rehab factors and lifestyle stressors that will impact how you put your program(s) together. 
Modules, discussions, role playing and demonstrations will cover some or all of the topics below.
  • Stress, Fatigue, Shiftwork, Civility, Respect, Workload, Job Demands, Bullying, Harassment.
  • How Psychosocial Hazards can impact and present as physical and psychological ill health.
  • Discussions on how to work with sub-clinical and chronic diseases such as COPD, Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease, IBS, Hypoglycemia, Crohns, Colitis, Celiac, Joint Pain, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Insulin Resistance.
  • Consider economic issues, cultural habits and work life balance stress.



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